I create music and recordings, teach and speak, dream up stuff, and write about whatever I think is full of meaning, like God, People, and Place. I’ve been married to writer Andi Ashworth for four decades – she is Founder and Editor-In-Chief of http://www.arthouseamerica.com/blog

We are the parents of two fine and loving grown children, Sam and Molly, and the grandparents of Bridget, Alfie, Robert & Brinsley. We have a talented son-in-law named Mark.

I was born Charles William  in Yuba City, California to the Ashworth family from Singer, Louisiana and the Williamson family from Durant, Oklahoma.  And so it is that I like okra and grow it. I have a fake name, Charlie Peacock.

I have been a student and follower of that storied and ubiquitous, historical person Jesus since 1982. I have found him to have the best information about the most important things and so I keep listening. I never refer to myself as a Christian musician. And, until I know someone personally and they know me, I find it unhelpful to refer to myself as a Christian. If a stranger or new friend asks if I’m a Christian I usually ask, “What does being a Christian mean to you?” Definition aids good communication, and his or her answer helps me to answer thoughtfully.

I dropped out of California State University, Sacramento in 1978 – my last classes: Zen Buddhism, Jazz and Black Nationalism, Japanese, and English. In 1999, in honor of my mid-life crisis, I attended Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis.

Not everything you read about me on Wikipedia and All Music Guide is true. If you have a question, ask me.



One thought on “About”

  1. Charlie, been following your works for years… Good to hear from you and excited about this new opportunity the Spirit has given you. Looking forward to your discourses on life…


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